Friday, September 23, 2011

Update 9/23

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Looks like some of you were cooking 'halloween recipes last night' and today they are gone. There was a post that they will be back. Lucky you got a sneak peek!

First of all - gifts are now RESET AFTER 24 HOURS! They no longer reset after midnight CST! Click here to read more about it -

It was a surprise when I was accepting new gifts today when I logged in!

Candy Corn Coffee and Pumpkin Cookies in BS

Eyeball Stew and Mummy Pizza in RS!

A cabana lounge with a gem purchase in RS

Sundae Sofa with a gem purchase in BS

I see some people are baking these on their doughnut makers - it's called Doughnut Surprise. I checked my doughnut maker and I do not have this recipe. Perhaps I haven't gotten yet another roll out of new stuff as early as a few others got - so keep an eye out for this new recipe!!

I still haven't gotten the badges updates - almost a week later! 

I'm also still having issues where, when I send a gift and select the people to send to, their names are still able to be selected to gift again, even after I already sent a gift. I am starting to get gifts now, though!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

More issues....

1. I still don't have badges. It is fairly hard to TELL you about them when I don't have the update myself.

2. MANY people are having issues with SENDING gifts. I am one of them. I click on the boxes to send the gift, and then when I click on gift again those SAME people are showing up - as if I never gifted them. It's a bug - See here:

I AM able to accept gifts on RS but NOT on BS. I have the latest versions of both games and it does not seem to be limited to iphone or android (I'm android and Iphone users have issues too).

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Badges 9/20

As of today, I STILL don't have badges on either one of my games. Not sure what is taking teamlava so long!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Badges are here...well kinda

I don't have badges yet so I can only tell you what I know about them from the forums. 

Supposedly they are being deployed to both Restaurant Story and Bakery Story in waves. I haven't gotten the new functionality yet (bummer) but I see some of them have.

These are the badges for RS that were posted in the forums.

There are three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Some players have been logging in and getting badges, gems and a bunch of coins right off the bat because they have already completed a bunch of the badge requirements and teamlava is making everyone happy and making the tasks retroactive so if you completed the tasks before they rolled out the badge function, you will still get the gems and money. 

Silver and Bronze will earn you Coins and Experience

* Gold badges will earn you a Gem each

* You can find out what badges you currently have in Main (or Menu) > Messages > Badges

* Some users will have earned them retroactively, though not all. It seems as though some badges are retroactive, others are NOT.

* Right now, not all users will have access to badges. This isn't dependent on whether they're iOS or Android. Teamlava is working on bringing it to all users, but this may take time.

Here is the list for bakery story:

Update 9/18 - Deep Fryer for BS

This week we had a surprise! We got a new appliance in Bakery Story (BS).

To build go to appliances and it is the first appliance listed. This is a constructable appliance! You need to pay 10,000 coins to buy it and then you need to collect parts to build it. Click on constructable appliances if you aren't sure how these work! 

You will need the following parts to create this - 10 metal sheet, 10 gears, 10 pain and 10 screws!
Once they are all collected press build it!

This is what the deep fryer looks like once it is built.

These are the different doughnuts you can bake with the new appliance.

Restaurant Story has the following update for this week:

You can buy the new dolphin statue 

Beef Chow Mein - 2100 coins, gives you 2100 plates, cooks in 12 hours

New Paper Lantern for 20,000 coins and a paper fan for 3 gems.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Update for RS/BS for 8/29 - 9/9

BS Gem Purchase for 8/29

Sauce Counter offer from 9/9 for RS

RS Update from 9/9

Shoji Screen (20,000 coins)

Stone Tile (5000 coins), tatami floor (1 gem)

Gem Purchase Ice Cream Bar for BS for 9/9

Material Update for BS 9/9

Oolong Green Tea for BS

Coffee Carousel (45 gem) for BS

Donut Wallpaper (3 gems) for BS

Issues with sending materials to friends

There is a noted glitch for some people where they are getting the following error when trying to gift other bakeries/restaurants materials:

Teamlava forums have an existing thread on this:

It looks like mostly the Iphone/Ipads were affected. I have an android and do not have issues sending materials.

What I have noticed is that I no longer get messages saying that someone has accepted over 20 materials a day.

Anyhow - feel free to add your device and information to the thread above and stay tuned for a new update to the game!