Saturday, August 27, 2011

Updates weeks Aug 26 and Aug 19

Updates week of Aug 26
RS = Restaurant Story
BS = Bakery Story

New Food!

RS - Miso Soup - Stove - 8 hours - cost 1300 - plates 1200 - sells for 4 per plate (4800)

RS - Bento Box - Oven - 8 hours - cost 1400 - plates 1275 - sells for 4 per plate (5100)

BS - Sweet Tea - Drink Machine - 30 minutes - Cost 500 

Also saw a Crane (bird - not machine lol) Scroll for 10 gems (Restaurant Story)

And New magic Boxes came out! To see what you can get, click on Magic box items.

Magic Donut Box - Bakery Story

Magic Mystery Mail - Restaurant Story

Updates Week of 19th

Restaurant Story

RS - New dishes - Teriyaki Skewers and Peking Duck

Teriyaki Skewers

Peking Duck

The Gong, which you can only get with a gem purchase

Bakery Story

Capsule Machine, which you can only get with a gem purchase


Cherry Pie unlocked at level 49

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Update week of 8/10

If you haven't seen in the forums the updates roll out randomly. Your friend may have the latest updates but you may not. I know I was tipping other bakeries and kept seeing a new dish called blueberry buckle. Come to find out it was a new dish. I had to wait THREE days before I finally got it. Not completely fair, but that it how it works. 

Anyhow, sorry I'm a bit late with this week's update. School is gearing up and I got off a 2 week vacation!

I added a new section to my tutorial website about what is in the magic boxes / mystery boxes. Please check it out here:
Let me know if you can help with screen prints or even tell me if your bakery has an item that does not have a screen print shown above and I will get the screen shot. Thank you!

**Thank you Wendy for the screen shots :)

Bakery Story:

Restaurant Story

Can I just say how disappointed I am in the makers of RS? Bakery story has numerous floor tiles that cost money - NOT gems. All the new tiles they make all costs gems. It would cost you around 50+ gems to redecorate your restaurant with those. 

8/18 - Maintenance causes newsfeeds, comments and gifting history loss

From the teamlava forums today: 

Hey all,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our games went into maintenance in Aug. 18, from roughly midnight PDT to a little before 2 AM. As a result, many users have lost their Newsfeeds, Comment Walls and Gifting history. Unfortunately, we are not able to recover this info.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Updates 8/5

Android users -
There is a new update in the market for Restaurant Story that allows you to build appliances! If you aren't sure what these are - click on the constructable appliance tab above to see. You can now build the ice cream machine with this update.

If you buy their gem package through the pop up when you start the game you get a 'lucky cat' for free.

Restaurant story has two new food updates - 

  • Porks Buns
  • Ramen

Bakery story has two new food updates - 

  • Madeleine Cookies
  • Biscotti

And if you buy their gem package through the pop up when you start the game you get a 'french divider' for free.