Saturday, September 17, 2011

Update 9/18 - Deep Fryer for BS

This week we had a surprise! We got a new appliance in Bakery Story (BS).

To build go to appliances and it is the first appliance listed. This is a constructable appliance! You need to pay 10,000 coins to buy it and then you need to collect parts to build it. Click on constructable appliances if you aren't sure how these work! 

You will need the following parts to create this - 10 metal sheet, 10 gears, 10 pain and 10 screws!
Once they are all collected press build it!

This is what the deep fryer looks like once it is built.

These are the different doughnuts you can bake with the new appliance.

Restaurant Story has the following update for this week:

You can buy the new dolphin statue 

Beef Chow Mein - 2100 coins, gives you 2100 plates, cooks in 12 hours

New Paper Lantern for 20,000 coins and a paper fan for 3 gems.