Saturday, July 30, 2011

Updates 7/30 - Android users - Buildable Ice Cream machine!

Well I'm totally shocked!

Teamlava has released the buildable appliances for bakery story! 
I also have quests (press the table icon on the left that says NEW)

If you haven't seen - go to the market now and manually download the Bakery Story update!

When I opened up the new version I immediately had parts requests. I exited out of these and put two appliances into storage and started on working on the ice cream machine and an easy stove.

Building a constructable appliance:
  • Go to the design tab/appliances - select an easy stove/oven/ice cream machine depending on if you play BS or RS
  • If you are maxed out on appliances you need to put an existing appliance into storage (click on the stove, etc) and click storage.
  • Find the appliance that you want to build. It will have a wrench next to it. Click on it.
  • Now click on the floor where you want to place it.
To read more I moved the rest of this section to the Constructable Appliances tab. Please go there! 

Also out this week for Bakery story and Restaurant Story are new gift boxes - you buy them for 24 gems and you get random different prizes. 

Bakery story - Madeline Tin
Restaurant Story - Magic Take Out Box (You can get Dim Sum Cart, Golden Dragon, Golden Pheonix, and Indoor Koi Pond)

Also new:
Bakery story - Coffee table (it's very cute) 10,000 coins
Cafe chair (1 gem)

Restaurant Story:
Option to buy gems and receive a Food display
Oriental Table (1 gem)
Oriental Chair (1 gem)

Restaurant Story has not released the new update yet!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Updates 7/22/2011

Bakery Story and Restaurant Story have a new update on the android market. 

I opened it up and noticed a few major changes. My belief is they are releasing this version to prepare for quests and parts for special appliance like the iphone apps have.

First of all let me say I think this new version is a bit buggy. I loaded my bakery today and it took about 20 seconds for it to show me the main/design etc icons. It loaded my bakery but none of the menu items for about 20 seconds.
  • When you log into the game the first window you see is this one - the messages box but instead of having your news feed intermingled with your gifts it is ONLY your gifts. You can send and receive all your gifts before even entering the game. 
    The screen print above shows material requests. As I stated the droid version still doesn't allow for materials to be sent OR received so I assume this is what the rest of the release will look like in the future. For now the Android version shows the box above with just gifts.

  • Android versions now have the CAMERA icon - shown above, top right. This allows you to take screen prints of your bakery. Fun if you want to share it with friends. You can also take photos of friend's bakeries.
  • The Main Menu tab now shows and INVITE tab. This allows you to send a text or email to your friends to invite them to play. The settings and help/FAQ icons are smaller. 
  • Click on MAIN/Messages and instead of having to double tap the bakery name you can now press the VISIT button next to the bakery name. I've been wanting this because now it is in sync with the news tab.
  • Under Messages there is now an EMPTY tab that does nothing and you can NOT select it. I think this is because, as I stated above, they are getting ready to roll out the changes to android for the buildable appliances.
  • When you visit a neighbor's bakery there is now a popup window that says 'Hooray! Bonus for visiting friend's bakery today  (star)2 showing two level up points. Sometimes you get coins - it varies and comes up only when you visit a neighbor.
  • You now can open the wall on your friend's bakeries and visit people's bakeries that post on their wall. To do this - visit a friend - click on the wall icon and you will see visit links next to all the posts on their wall. I've sometimes wanted to visit a bakery of someone who leaves cute posts. Now I can!
  • There are now expand arrows on the outside of your cafe. If you click them it show your next expansion and allow you to buy it for coins or gems. 
  • I can see the buildable stoves in other people's restaurants and bakeries - but still can not build them for android. 
Let me know if you noticed any other changes. 

This week's update had no new decorations OR food (boo!) - but if you wanted a discount on buying your expansion with gems, now is the time to do it - 20% off expansions. Normally 40 gems is now 32. 

My opinion is I would rather save money to buy my expansion with coins because 40 or 30 gems are hard to come by, but I have a friend who would rather spend gems on an expansion instead of all the cash. It is all personal preference!

Friday, July 15, 2011

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