Sunday, October 30, 2011

Updates from 10/21 and 10/28

New Pumpkin Ice Cream for the Ice Cream Machine

Pumpkin stool 5 gems / Web Chair 2 gems

Pumpkin Table - 5 gems / Spooky Table - 15,000 coins

Candy Corn Macaroons

 Restaurant Story

Mummy Pizza

Time's Up - 20 gems / Gargoyle 20 gems / Spooky Windy 25 gems

 Pumpkin Porridge

 Plant Monster 25 gems, Count Dracula 45 gems, Bat Balloon 20 gems and Raven tree 35 gems

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lost Tiles/Wallpaper etc Update

 Lost floor/wall decorations and doors
Hey all,

As a result of maintenance last night, some users will have lost wall/floor decorations and/or their door. This could be occurring in Restaurant, Fashion and/or Bakery.

Our engineering team is currently working on resolving this matter as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your patience while we work on this issue.


As of right now, we are not able to recover the items that were lost. 50 Gems have been added to the games of players that were affected by this issue to replace the lost decorations.

I realize 50 Gems isn't enough for everyone's Store, particularly in the forums where we have plenty of Superusers. In this instance, you will need to, who will investigate your account and take additional action if necessary.

As you can imagine, this process is fairly time-consuming. Please be patient with our Support team regarding this issue, as your particular case may not be fixed overnight. However, our team is working around the clock to ensure all of our users are taken care of.

If you have any further questions, please let me know. (Though please wait a few hours for responses, as sleep is needed).
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

iDevice Restaurant Story Users

If you are wondering where your Halloween content is, go to the app store and download the 'Halloween' version of Restaurant Story! Android devices already have access to all the new Halloween content.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Great Update 10/14

As far as I know, I believe iDevices are getting this update as well. Last week's update was only available to Android. If not, then I heard that they will shortly be releasing a Halloween Version of the games so sit tight.

One very interesting thing I saw this week was the 'gem purchase' items that are only for sale with the limited time gem purchase option is also available for purchase under design.

Also check out the Bakery Store Halloween Chest and the Restaurant Story Halloween Chest.

Bakery Story Update
Spooky Wall, Spooky Window and a new Recipe.

Halloween Chest (see above link for what you can get)

New Gravestone Brownies Recipe for Bakery Story

Halloween Chest for Bakery Story

Halloween Chest (see above), Spooky Wallpaper and a new recipe!

Restaurant Story Gem Purchase - Count Dracula

Restaurant Story Update

Bat Wing new Restaurant Story Recipe

You can now cook eyeball stew and the witch soup was last week's Restaurant Story release

Previous week's releases:
Bakery Story Gem Purchase Penguin Statue

Bakery Story Netherworld Gate Gem Purchase

Update from 10/7 which ONLY ANDROID received.

Bakery Story - Candy Corn Coffee, Pumpkin Cookies and Spooky Window

Spooky Window 25 gems

Witch's Familiar Gem Purchase Restaurant Story

Restaurant Story Update

Gothic Chair 5 gems

New Witch's Familiar and Count Dracula as gem purchases

Broken Tables

I went into my bakery one day and I guess someone tipped my table a little too hard :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Updates 9/23

The previous week's release did NOT have a pop-up banner telling what was released. I just found it in the design tab. In addition the special gem purchase was only available a few hours before that pop up never showed up again. Obviously team lava had some issues last week with new item releases.

Donut Lamp (previous weeks release)

New Recipe for the donut maker from last week

Blueberry Scone - 8 hr recipe

Hawaiian Table

Coconut Chair

Saturday, October 1, 2011

More new updates - Collectibles and sushi bar for iOS only (not android) devices

I don't have this update yet (I always seem to get my updates late or NOT AT ALL because I'm on the android platform...). I stole this verbiage from the forums here ==>!

Collectibles are objects you receive from doing various actions in our games. The items will pop out, and you tap them to add to your Collections. A pop-up will display at the top of your screen momentarily to show you how far along you are in gathering all the items for that Collection. 
You can view your collections and the rewards from the Main Menu > Collectibles tab.

Now, when you get all the items for your collection, what then? Well, it varies from item to item. Some award Coins and XP. Some award a bonus item!

That's not all, either. Like crops or recipes, Collectibles also come with their own levels of Mastery. Complete a Collection enough times, and you'll get bonus XP, Coins... sometimes even Gems!

For those of you who have the update, check it out, and let us know what you think! For those who don't have it, don't worry -- it should be coming soon.

You can redeem when you have all 4 items in a line highlighted. if it's still gray, you cannot redeem. The inventory is the list at the bottom of the screen when you go into design mode. The redeemed items will be in there- for instance, the utensil rack is in the wall item tab, etc.
There currently is a problem with the chef hats moving- many people have complained that the hats move but go right back to 0 when you exit out and come back (myself included). it's just a bug that'll need to be worked out.

And guess what - this update is ONLY FOR iOS - NOT ANDROID. It said Android should come out soon. They said that with badges and as of right now, we still don't have badges on the Android platform!! 

I got these from the forums on tips on how to get certain collectibles:

Floral Bouquet ? Buying wall items
Cooking Tools ? tipping tables, buying floor items
Chef Implements ? preparing/serving food and drink
Baking Goodness ? preparing/serving food and drink
Yummy Ingredients ? preparing/serving food and drink (these seem difficult to get, haven?t figured out the technicalities yet)

Same as Restaurant Story so far.

**Supposedly there is a bug where the progress bar goes up and a few hours later it is back at zero.

Pictures of the collectibles:

Looks like with this iOS market update they also
  • released a sushi bar

New Sushi bar - only iOS has it right now

New Sushi Dishes

  • now show HOW MANY parts you have in your queue. This is a nice update.
You can see that you can finally see  how many parts you have.

Now if only it would hurry to Android!

Updates 9/27

Release 9/27

Peanut Butter Cookies 8hr recipe

Donut Robot and Best Friends Pictures

Picnic Basket - - see Mystery Box to see what is in the box

Kalua Pig - 8hrs and Hawaiian BBQ - 4 hrs. Both grill recipes.

Tiki Torch and Boo-lloon

Island Chest - see Mystery Box to see what is in the box

Examples of all the new items from the Island Chest and new releases