Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Android Update!

IF you are an Android user, there is a much waited for update in the market.

What I see so far:
Sushi bar (restaurant Story)
Badges (under messages/badges tab)

Things we didn't get with this update that iOS has
We don't have select all gifting
None of the new Christmas appliances
We still can't see parts in our gift box

Monday, December 19, 2011

Idevice User Help

If possible, can someone with an iDevice (Ipad, iTouch, iPhone) that has time and can do screen prints, contact me to help with updates? I have an android and I do NOT have access to any of the new appliances, and it sounds like TeamLava doesn't care about adding it anytime soon.

If interested, please contact me on the contact me form to the side.

Thank you!

Updates for Christmas content

Android users are left in the dust (can you tell I'm bitter about it?) and do NOT have these releases.

But iOS Users are seeing new features: - if you don't have them - go download the Christmas version of Restaurant and Bakery story.
1. Prechecked gift all gifting. (gift all)
2. Turducken Fryer and Chestnut Roaster

3. marzipan Maker and candy cane maker

Also updated are the Christmas gift boxes

Android and iOS got a new fireplace oven. This is a buildable oven but it is NOT an easy oven! What a bummer!!