Tuesday, November 13, 2012


There has been a bunch of new updates out including a new stove for bakery story called the Autumn Oven. There are also new autumn themed chairs, tables, wallpapers, decor and a counter.

For restaurant story there are a few new recipes (no new appliance) but tons of new decor you can buy with coins and not gems!

Someone asked me this week how do you redecorate? You can put ALL of your tables, chairs and decor into storage and just pull them back out via the decor, tables and chairs tabs.

DO NOT STORE COUNTERS WITH FOOD! You will lose all the food when you pull the counters back out of storage. Also - if you store an appliance that is baking food - you will lose the food when you pull it back out from storage.

One more tip for newbies - if you don't have enough food and you have people leaving the store with a mad face - block the door with anything (chair, table, etc) and it will keep people from entering the restaurant so you can bake enough food to open again.

Have a great week!!